Get Off The Bitch Train - Wes Tyrell

A meme in the making? On the 'Ask Jason' (Calacanis) segment of This Week In Startups #24, 'JT' from Charlotte asked for help on how to decide which of two ideas to pursue. Gary Vaynerchuk (of fame) laid it out for him...

"Get Off The Bitch Train and just pick one."

Wes designed a t-shirt graphic. Get yours at BitchTrain CafePress or BitchTrain Zazzle. (Very small markup which will go to compensate Wes for his awesome artwork.)
Listen to the clip.
You can watch the clip Here.
Download the iPhone Ringtone.
Artwork was provided by Wes Tryell.
Again thanks to Jason Calacanis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tyler, and crew for providing all the fun at This Week In Startups.

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